RF & Microwave PXI Switch ModulesPickering offers a 3-year warranty on all products it manufactures

We offer 400+ RF/Microwave switch modules that cover the frequency spectrum including SPDT, Transfer, MUX and Matrix switches with bandwidths from 100MHz to 67GHz available on PXI, LXI & USB platforms. We offer flexible options for control communications and system architecture. These switching systems are used for design validation, reliability and production test including 5G, SD radios, S parameter testing for RF cables, antennas, radar and semiconductor verification. 

Take a look at the available PXI switch module configurations below or download the RF & Microwave resources:

RF & Microwave Switching Reference Map  White Paper: Making the Right Choices when Specifying an RF Switching System

You can learn more about our full range of RF & microwave switch modules here. We also offer mating cables and connectors to ensure speedy and successful system integration.


Our software drivers can be used in virtually all major OS' and application development environments and support our entire range of switching products, offering you the simplicity of not having to learn a new interface for each product. To help accelerate integration, our products are supported by our Switch Path Manager (SPM) signal routing software, enabling an entire switching subsystem, including all relays and external interconnects, to be virtually defined using a graphical interface. Once a switch architecture has been defined in SPM, software engineers can simply write function calls that connect the desired input to output without needing to manage individual switch states. Some of our customers have experienced considerable time savings in their integration efforts when using the SPM utility.

Find more information on PXI related topics on our Support Knowledgebase or download one of our many PXI switching resources here or feel free to contact us.

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