PXI Strain Gauge Simulators & Pressure Transducer Simulators

We offer simulation modules for Strain Gauge Simulation – used in mechanical systems to measure the tension or compression of structural components. These modules may also be used to simulate Wheatstone Bridge Pressure Sensors/Transducers. Simulation requires extremely fine setting resolution with high accuracy and temperature stability.

These Strain Gauge Simulator modules are ideal for testing strain gauge meters in a wide variety of industrial control systems. They provides 6, 4 or 2 channels of low cost simulation with excellent performance and they are a simple way of replacing in-house developed sensors. These modules use the same resistor bridge techniques of real-world strain gauges, ensuring accurate emulation under all conditions.

3-year standard warranty

We also offer mating cables and connectors and we stand behind our products with a three-year warranty.
For additional information please take a look at our support knowledgebase or feel free to contact us.

The table below will help you choose the appropriate version for your application:

Bridge Impedance Variable Resistor Resolution Variable Resistor Accuracy Configuration Connectors PXI Slots Part No.
350Ω +/-2% <2mΩ 0.03% 2 Channel 26-pin D-Type & 9-pin D-type 1 40-265-012
4 Channel 40-265-014
6 Channel 40-265-016
1kΩ +/-5.3% <10mΩ 0.06% 2 Channel 1 40-265-202
4 Channel 40-265-204
6 Channel 40-265-206
1.5kΩ +/-5.3% <12.5mΩ 0.06% 2 Channel 1 40-265-402
4 Channel 40-265-404
6 Channel 40-265-406
2k +/-5.3% <20mΩ 0.06% 2 Channel 1 40-265-302
4 Channel 40-265-304
6 Channel 40-265-306
3kΩ +/-5.3% <25mΩ 0.06% 2 Channel 1 40-265-102
4 Channel 40-265-104
6 Channel 40-265-106

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