Flexible LXI Microwave Switch Platform

These flexible LXI microwave switch platforms (model 60-890) may be specified with a mix of high-performance microwave relays up to 67 GHz bandwidth with 50Ω or 75Ω impedance and a range of connector types.

Features include:

  • Available relays include Transfer, SPDT, SP4T, SP6T, SP8T, SP10T and SP12T in unterminated and terminated versions
  • Flexibility in front-panel relay positioning helps minimize external interconnecting cable lengths
  • Industry-standard LXI Ethernet control interface
  • LED indication of energized switch paths
  • Compact 1U to 4U form factors
  • Excellent RF and repeatability characteristics
  • Three-year warranty

3U, 2U & 1U Example Configurations

Mix of high-performance relays available for Pickering's flexible LXI microwave switch platform

Simply send your list of required relays from the table (and optionally, a sketch of their preferred positioning) and our engineering team will model these onto a suitably sized front panel and send back a draft design for your approval. Once you are satisfied with the front panel layout, we will quote you for the complete switch unit with a unique part number.

These relays have an extremely high level of performance, offering low VSWR, very high isolation, low loss and high power handling. They are ideal for switching coaxial systems that require high performance from the HF band to microwave frequencies. The platform is available in form factors from 1U to 4U, providing space-saving microwave switching solutions. The relays can be used individually or externally interconnected to create a complex switching system.

The relays may be externally interconnected to create a complex switching system, our signal routing software, Switch Path Manager, can be used to significantly simplify and accelerate application program development. Another important tool we offer is the LXI hardware simulator, this tool allows you to develop and test the system software independent from your application hardware.

Additional Features

LED Energized Path Indicators

LED Energized Path Indicators

Each microwave relay has LED indicators to show the current energized path through the relay, as illustrated here. This signal path indication greatly simplifies the debug of test application software.

Manual Control

The platforms are supplied with built-in soft front panels for each of the fitted relays. These enable graphical manual control of the switches to simplify application software development and debug.

Easy Repair

To facilitate fast in-field repair, wherever possible we fit relay types that may be quickly replaced by simply withdrawing them through the front panel.

Work with us to accelerate your project deployment cycle and streamline production readiness

For over 30 years, test engineers have turned to us to provide sensibly priced, high-performance modular microwave switching. These subsystems have provided the foundation for highly reconfigurable signal routing solutions. Take a look at our  RF and Microwave switching application page for resources and more information.

We can help you design, deploy, and sustain your next Microwave switching systems—simply and effectively.

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