Custom Designed Switch Solutions 

Pickering has in-house experience designing custom switch solutions

custom designed switch

At Pickering, we have considerable in-house experience designing custom switch solutions. All module and cabling manufacturing processes are done within our two factories on flexible manufacturing lines allowing us to offer simple customization to meet our customers needs. No matter what the test platform, we can provide a cost-effective solution for your switching requirements.

If you have an application that demands switching products that are not available off-the-shelf or require a customized solution approach, please contact your local sales office or fill out our contact us form with information on your technical requirement and expected volumes. All inquiries are treated in the strictest confidence and if necessary backed up by a non-disclosure agreement. 

Our custom solutions can be supplied as true custom switch modules or developed on the understanding that Pickering Interfaces can convert the requirement into a commercially available product (the choice will effect the terms on which we will supply the parts).

We can develop custom switch solutions for embedded switching systems or for test systems using design and manufacturing methodologies adapted to high or low volume applications.  

Custom solutions fall into the following categories:

  • Modifications of Existing Switch Cards
    Many customers require relatively minor modifications to standard switching cards. Most of our switching systems have been designed with flexibility in mind; for example to offer a choice of relay or connector types. Many of these modifications can be done at little or no added cost.
  • Custom Switching Modules & Devices
    We will consider the design and construction of custom switching systems for PXI, PCI and LXI based switching solutions and if appropriate add the solution to our standard product range.
  • Customized Cable Assemblies
    Most switching systems require special cabling, this is most often provided by the end user, however we have considerable experience in providing cabling especially in difficult RF, optic or high-density applications. Try our web-based Cable Design Tool here >>

Below are some examples of custom switch solutions we have produced:

For further information on our custom switch solutions, please contact your local sales contact or fill out our contact us form

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