Pickering Expands Range of PXI 10A Mulitplexers

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Introducing New 10A Power Multiplexer

10Amp PXI Power MultiplexerClacton-on-Sea, UK -- Pickering Interfaces, a leading provider of signal switching and conditioning solutions, is expanding its range of PXI 10A multiplexers with the introduction of a new 10A power multiplexer.

This new PXI 10A power multiplexer (model 40-661) is available in a variety of configurations ranging from 8 off 4:1 multiplexers to 1 off 32:1 multiplexer. Each multiplexer is capable of hot switching up to 10A at 30VDC and has a maximum DC hot switch rating of 125VDC. AC signals up to 250VAC at 10A can be switched. For cold switching applications the 40-661 is capable of withstanding 400VDC.

The 40-661 uses high quality high power electromechanical relays and user signals are carried on 20 way GMCT connectors. Options for partially loaded configurations are available to minimize user cost for smaller test system applications.

Careful attention to the switch designs ensures that all multiplexers can carry the full 10A current simultaneously over the full operating temperature range. 

Pickering also provides a full range of supporting cable and connector solutions for all of their LXI and PXI switching modules including the new 10A power multiplexer. They can also create custom cable solutions to suit every user requirement.

Pickering Interfaces stands behind all of their manufactured products with a standard three-year warranty and guaranteed long-term product support

Released - March 17, 2014