LXI High Voltage Scalable Switch Plugin Module
LXI High Voltage Scalable Switch Plugin Module
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LXI High Voltage Scalable Switch Plugin Module
LXI High Voltage Scalable Switch Plugin Module
LXI High Voltage Scalable Switch Plugin Module
LXI High Voltage Scalable Switch Plugin Module


The 65-233-904-HI plug-in module is part of a scalable high voltage switch platform that provides a high voltage switching solution with capability up to 9 kV.

Switch arrays are created by populating the 65-200-002 scalable chassis with plug-in modules that provide access to the switches on 51-pin front panel connectors. Users can specify as many or as few plug-in modules as they require and can field upgrade the chassis to extend the number of switches.

A hardware interlock is provided on the front panel connector that prevents relay operation if a suitably wired mating connector is not fitted. This can, for example, be used to disable relay operation if the test system cabinet door is open.

The chassis supports up to 6 plug-in modules which are loaded into the chassis via the front panel, greatly improving flexibility and ease of maintenance.

Key Features

  • Modular Switch Design
  • Cold Switch up to 9 kVDC/9 kVAC Peak
  • Hot Switch up to 7.5 kVDC /7.5 kVAC Peak
  • 0.25 A Hot Switch Current
  • Maximum Power 50 W
  • Dry Reed Switch Contacts With RFI Suppression for Long Life
  • Hardware Interlock Provided
  • Built-in Scan List Sequence Stores with Triggering Capability
  • Fully Compliant to 1.5 LXI Standard
  • 3 Year Warranty
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Product specifications

If no specifications are present, please see the product datasheet in this section. 

Please note: In some cases, for products like our Scalable LXI Chassis, the specifications can be found on the datasheets for the associated plugin modules that are inserted into these chassis. To find these modules, go to the "Also in the Range" link above.

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Switch Type: Reed
Relay Contacts: SPST
Max I (A): 0.25
Max V DC: 9000
Relays: 10
Poles: 1


PDF Datasheet
Includes full information and specifications
PDF, 1.27 MB
PDF Manual
Includes manual, extended specifications, installation instructions and data
PDF, 3.09 MB
Related 51-Pin Redel S series Connector Datasheet
A complete list and documentation for mating connection accessories
PDF, 585.53 KB
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