PXI Programmable Load Resistor ModulesPXI Programmable Load Resistor Module- 40-292

  • Fully programmable with a choice of resistance ranges
  • Resolutions down to 1Ω
  • Resistance range from 10Ω to 2.56kΩ
  • Bypass-able offset resistors for lower resistance requirements
  • Programmable by controlling individual resistor bits
  • Visa and Kernal Support for PXI Environments
  • Supported by PXI and LXI Chassis

Pickering's PXI programmable load modules offer a solution to applications requiring higher power handling capabilities, up to 15W in a single PXI slot. High Power Potentiometers can easily be formed by using two channels of Programmable Load Resistors in series, using the unconnected terminals as the A and B connections and the link between the two channels as the wiper connection.

3-year standard warranty

We also offer mating cables and connectors for these modules to ensure speedy and successful system integration. We stand behind our products with a three-year warranty.

The tables below will help you choose the appropriate version for your application:

Resistance Range Resolution Configuration Power Ratiing Switch Type Connector PXI Slots Part No.
40Ω to 295Ω Power Resistor Module 15W Solid State 9W D-Type 1 40-292-011
10Ω to 2.56kΩ 10Ω Power Resistor Module 10W Solid State 9W D-Type 1 40-292-012

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