PXI Differential Fault Insertion Switch ModulesPXI differential fault insertion switch modules

  • Fault Insertion Modules for Two Wire Serial Interfaces
  • Choice of Channel Counts and Switch Configurations
  • Controlled Transmission Line Impedance
  • Kernel, VISA and IVI Support For PXI Environments & Kernel and IVI Support For LXI Environments
  • Modules are supported by our eBIRST Switching System Test Tools, these tools provide a quick and simple way of finding relay failures within LXI, PCI and PXI switch systems.

Pickering's PXI Differential Fault Insertion Switch Modules support multiple channels of two-wire serial interfaces. Each channel can simulate an open fault in either or both wires, a short between both wires or a short to externally applied fault conditions. Two module types are available:

  • Two wire fault insertion module suitable for CAN Bus and FlexRay.
  • High bandwidth two wire fault insertion module suitable for Gigabit Ethernet, AFDX and BroadR-Reach.

3-year standard warranty

We also offer mating cables and connectors for these modules to ensure speedy and successful system integration. We stand behind our products with a three-year warranty.

The table below will help you to choose the appropriate module for your application.

Bandwidth Impedance Current Voltage Signal Channels Fault Buses Fault Inputs Connector PXI
Part No.
(* available in PXIe)
50 MHz 120 Ω 0.3 A 100 V 4 Differential 4 8 78-pin Male D-type 1 40-200-004
8 Differential 40-200-008
>400 MHz 100 Ω 4 Differential 2 4 40-201-004
8 Differential 40-201-008
1.6 GHz 100 Ω 0.8 A 200 V 3 Differential 2 2 MMCX 40-203-001 *
6 Differential 40-203-002 *
>700 MHz 100 Ω 1 Differential 2 2 40-204-001 *
2 Differential 40-204-002 *
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