Low-Density PXI Multiplexer Switch ModulesLow-Density PXI Multiplexer

  • Factory Configured with Different Bank Sizes and Pole Count
  • Low Thermal EMF Version
  • Ruthenium Reed Relays or Electro-mechanical Relays
  • Power & Sense MUX Version Suitable for Power Distribution and Regulation Circuits
  • Kernel, VISA and IVI Support For PXI Environments and Kernel and IVI Support For LXI Environments
  • Select modules are supported by our eBIRST Switching System Test Tools, these tools provide a quick and simple way of finding relay failures within LXI, PCI and PXI switch systems.

Ideal for applications requiring a low number of channels and poles

Pickering's range of low-density PXI multiplexer switch modules are ideal for applications requiring a lower number of channels and poles. All modules are based on high quality ruthenium reed relays that switch up to 150V, 1.2 Amp with 20W max power or high quality electro-mechanical relays (EMR) that switch up to 300V, 2 Amp with 60W max power.

The range includes a low thermal offset multiplexer that is suitable for connecting to thermocouples and other sensors that require the use of contacts with low offset errors and consistent contact performance.

All the connectors used by these modules are supported by our range of cable and connector accessories.

Below you will find tables to help you choose which version is appropriate for your application:

Type Current Switch Type Voltage Banks Configuration PXI Slots  Part No.
1 Pole 1 Amp (1.2A) Reed Relay 150VDC
1 48:1 1 40-632A-021-48/1
64:1 40-630A-022-64/1
2 24:1 40-632A-021-D/24/1
32:1 40-630A-022-D/32/1
2 Amp EMR 300VDC
1 32:1 40-635A-101
64:1 40-635A-001
2 16:1 40-635A-105
32:1 40-635A-005
4 8:1 40-635A-108
16:1 40-635A-008
1 64:1 40-657A-001-1/64/1
2 32:1 40-657A-001-2/32/1
4 16:1 40-657A-001-4/16/1
8 8:1 40-657A-001-8/8/1
2 Pole 0.5 Amp (1A) Reed Relay (Low Thermal)  100V 1 23:1 1 40-620A-022
1 Amp (1.2A) Reed Relay 150VDC
1 24:1 1 40-632A-021-24/2
32:1 40-630A-022-32/2
2 16:1 40-630A-022-D/16/2
1 Amp (2A/1.2A) Reed Relay 200VDC
(Power + Sense)
18:1 1 40-658A-002
2 Amp EMR 125VDC
1 38:1 1 40-656A-001
7 4:1 40-655A-002
1 16:1 1 40-635A-102
32:1 40-635A-002
2 8:1 40-635A-106
16:1 40-635A-006
4 4:1 40-635A-109
8:1 40-635A-009
8 8:1 40-659A-102
4 Pole 1 Amp (1.2A) Reed Relay 150VDC
1 16:1 1 40-630A-022-16/4
2 Amp EMR 300VDC
1 8:1 40-635A-103
16:1 40-635A-003
2 4:1 40-635A-107
8:1 40-635A-007
8 Pole 2 Amp EMR 300VDC
1 4:1 1 40-635A-104
8:1 40-635A-004
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