PXI & PCI Software Drivers

Available drivers for PXI & PCI models with the prefix of 41 or 51:

Available drivers for PXI & PCI models with the prefix of 40, 45 or 50:

NOTE: Where appropriate, driver packages include files for compatibility with National Instruments software environments such as LabView, LabWindows/CVI and Switch Executive.

If in doubt about which driver you require, refer to our Knowledgebase Software Pages where advice and help for driver selection is available.

PXI VPP / VISA Drivers

For all of our PXI & PCI switch solutions. This driver package contains the base drivers for both VISA and non-VISA based systems. The selection of the appropriate driver is made during the installation process. In the case of the VISA driver, the user should install the National Instruments VISA package onto their system prior to installing our driver. For non-VISA systems, no prior installation is necessary.

General driver downloads here >>

Download the zip file, extract the files to any desired location and then run setup.exe. Drivers, documentation and examples are included in the installation package, also included are LabView and LabWindows/CVI driver files.

Also provided at the download location are some additional files:

  • An Keysight VEE wrapper for the non-VISA driver. First install the base driver above, then install the Keysight VEE package, after installation all the required files and some example programs will be found in the installation folder.
  • LabView 7.1 driver set. The base installer includes LabView files for LabView 8.5 onwards, but since many users still have older versions of LabView this package is provided. For versions prior to LabView 7.1, please contact us.

IVI Driver

For all of our PXI & PCI switch systems with the model prefix of 40, 45, or 50. This driver will also drive our LXI switch products. Download IVI Driver here >>

This is an IVI-C Switch class-compliant driver suitable for any system supporting IVI-C. It is especially for use with National Instruments Switch Executive.

The driver requires the prior installation of National Instruments VISA and the IVI Compatibility Package ICP. The Pickering base VISA driver should also be installed for PXI and PCI-based systems.

Download our IVI Switch Driver - pi40iv.msi and execute. Documentation and examples are included in the installation package, also included are LabView and LabWindows/CVI driver files.

Cards introduced after the release date of the driver will not be included in the installation. In these cases and for existing users wishing to update their installation, download the latest copy of the pi40iv.ini which contains all the current card definitions. In rare cases older systems will also require a full driver update.

The latest version of the driver is not compatible with LabViewRT systems. For RT systems download the 2.08 release of the driver. 

.NET Driver

For all of our PXI & PCI and LXI products (except for some instrument cards with the model prefix of 41). Any card usable from the base non-VISA driver or in a Pickering LXI product are suitable for use with this driver.

Download .NET Driver here >>

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