Turnkey LXI Microwave Switch and Signal Routing Subsystems

Do you have limited engineering resources or have requirements that demand performance that can only be delivered with a fully integrated solution? 

We have the expertise and ability to turn your high-level requirements for a microwave switching subsystem into the fully integrated solution that you need. You provide us with your unique configuration and specification, and our engineers will work closely with you to provide a well-defined, fully integrated and supportable end product that will satisfy your microwave testing needs. 

LXI Microwave Switching success story - Philips MRI

  • Designed and manufactured to your requirements by our switching experts 
  • Compact rack-mount designs incorporating an industry-standard LXI/Ethernet interface
  • Bandwidths from DC to 67 GHz @ 50Ω, with terminated or unterminated options, and bandwidths up to 2.5 GHz @ 75Ω
  • Fast turnaround, cost-effective Multiplexer, Matrix and complex routing solutions
  • Fully documented to ensure performance repeatability in subsequent builds/orders
  • Familiar programming environment using Pickering’s standard switch API accelerates software integration
  • Pickering can turn your custom-design into an ‘off-the-shelf’ product with >15-year support    

For complex subsystems, our Switch Path Manager signal routing software can be used to significantly reduce integration time. Another important tool we offer is the LXI hardware simulator, this tool allows develop and test the system software independent from your application hardware. 

Turnkey LXI Microwave Switching Subsystem - model 60-891-001

The SP36T microwave multiplexers shown in the image result of our work with Philips Healthcare, who wanted a form/fit/function replacement for an obsolete GPIB switch unit. Our engineering team worked with them and designed this subsystem around their requirements, which included the BNC connectors (as shown on the right in the image above). This module is also available with SMA connectors (as shown on the left).

Work with us to accelerate your project deployment cycle and streamline production readiness

For over 30 years, test engineers have turned to us to provide sensibly priced, high-performance modular microwave switching subsystems. These subsystems have provided the foundation for highly reconfigurable signal routing solutions. Take a look at our RF and Microwave switching application page for resources and more information.

We can help you design, deploy, and sustain your next Microwave switching systems—simply and effectively.

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Note: The products listed below are custom designs that we then turned into 'commercial-off-the-shelf' products (additional configurations may be available).

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