PXI Battery Simulator ModulesPXI Battery Simulator

These PXI battery simulators are designed to simulate the power supplies of portable battery powered equipment and the single cell (model 41-753) is particularly suitable for cell phone testing. These modules can source current to simulate a battery supply or sink current to simulate a battery under charge. 

The 6-cell battery simulator (model 41-752A) is ideal for emulating the battery stacks used for electric vehicles. It's high density and high isolation voltage barrier permits it to be used with many cells in series, making it possible to emulate a battery stack of up to 108 cells in a single PXI or LXI chassis.

Standard 3-Year Warranty

We also offer mating cables and connectors for these modules to ensure speedy and successful system integration. We stand behind our products with a three-year warranty.

The table below will help you choose the appropriate version for your application:
Current Input Voltage Output Voltage Configuration Connector PXI Slots Part No.
(* available in PXIe)
300 mA Source, 100 mA Sink 5 V from
Adjustable 0 to 7 V,
Stackable to 700 VDC
6 Channel Simulator 37-pin Male HV D-type 1 41-752A-001 *
6 Channel Simulator - V/I Readback 41-752A-011 *
4 Channel Simulator 41-752A-002 *
4 Channel Simulator - V/I Readback 41-752A-012 *
2 Channel Simulator 41-752A-003 *
2 Channel Simulator - V/I Readback 41-752A-013 *
2.8 A Source, 0.5 A Sink, Programmable Output Resistance Adjustable 0 to 6 V 1 Channel Simulator 25-pin Male D-type 1 41-753-001
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