High-Density PXI Large Matrix Modules up to 1 Amp - BRIC™ High-Density Large PXI Matrix Modules - 2, 4, 8 & 12-slot versions

  • Integrated PXI Large Matrix Modules with built-in high-performance analog bus
  • Fully scalable matrix solution
  • Available in high-reliability instrument grade reed relay and solid state modules
  • 2, 4, 8 or 12 slot 3U PXI modules available
  • Ratings up to 150 Volts, 1 Amp and 20W

Pickering's high-density PXI large matrix BRICs offer current handling up to 1 Amp and select models are supported by our Diagnostic Test Tools, Built-In-Relay-Self-Test (BIRST) and eBIRST Switching System Test Tools, these tools provide a quick and simple way of finding relay failures within LXI, PCI and PXI switch systems.

Also available in 2 Amp versions, take a look here >>

Below you will find tables to help you choose which version is appropriate for your application:

1-Pole: x4 Analog Bus    x6 Analog Bus    x8 Analog Bus    x12 Analog Bus     x16 Analog Bus     x32 Analog Bus     2-Pole: All versions  


Type Current - Switch (Carry) Switch Type Voltage PXI Slots Matrix Size Part No.
Single x4
Analog Bus
0.5A (0.5A) Reed Relay 150VDC
2 184x4 40-560A-221-184x4
276x4 40-560A-221-276x4
4 184x4 40-560A-021-184x4
276x4 40-560A-021-276x4
368x4 40-560A-021-368x4
460x4 40-560A-021-460x4
552x4 40-560A-021-552x4
8 184x4 40-560A-121-184x4
276x4 40-560A-121-276x4
368x4 40-560A-121-368x4
460x4 40-560A-121-460x4
552x4 40-560A-121-552x4
644x4 40-560A-121-644x4
736x4 40-560A-121-736x4
828x4 40-560A-121-828x4
920x4 40-560A-121-920x4
1012x4 40-560A-121-1012x4
1104x4 40-560A-121-1104x4
1A (1.2A) Reed Relay 150VDC
2 88x4 40-562B-221-88x4
132x4 40-562B-221-132x4
4 88x4 40-562B-021-88x4
132x4 40-562B-021-132x4
176x4 40-562B-021-176x4
220x4 40-562B-021-220x4
264x4 40-562B-021-264x4
8 88x4 40-562B-121-88x4
132x4 40-562B-121-132x4
176x4 40-562B-121-176x4
220x4 40-562B-121-220x4
264x4 40-562B-121-264x4
308x4 40-562B-121-308x4
352x4 40-562B-121-352x4
396x4 40-562B-121-396x4
440x4 40-562B-121-440x4
484x4 40-562B-121-484x4
528x4 40-562B-121-528x4
12 88x4 40-562B-321-88x4
132x4 40-562B-321-132x4
176x4 40-562B-321-176x4
220x4 40-562B-321-220x4
264x4 40-562B-321-264x4
308x4 40-562B-321-308x4
352x4 40-562B-321-352x4
396x4 40-562B-321-396x4
440x4 40-562B-321-440x4
484x4 40-562B-321-484x4
528x4 40-562B-321-528x4
572x4 40-562B-321-572x4
616x4 40-562B-321-616x4
660x4 40-562B-321-660x4
704x4 40-562B-321-704x4
748x4 40-562B-121-748x4
792x4 40-562B-121-792x4
Dual x4
Analog Bus
1A (1.2A) Reed Relay 70VDC/
2 256x4 40-559-201-256x4
4 256x4 40-559-401-256x4
384x4 40-559-401-384x4
512x4 40-559-401-512x4
8 256x4 40-559-801-256x4
384x4 40-559-801-384x4
512x4 40-559-801-512x4
640x4 40-559-801-640x4
768x4 40-559-801-768x4
896x4 40-559-801-896x4
1024x4 40-559-801-1024x4


Type Current - Switch (Carry) Switch Type Voltage PXI Slots Matrix Size Part No.
Dual x6
Analog Bus
1.0A (1.2A) Reed Relay 70VDC/
2 168x6 40-559-201-168x6
4 168x6 40-559-401-168x6
252x6 40-559-401-252x6
336x6 40-559-401-336x6
8 168x6 40-559-801-168x6
252x6 40-559-801-252x6
336x6 40-559-801-336x6
420x6 40-559-801-420x6
504x6 40-559-801-504x6
588x6 40-559-801-588x6
672x6 40-559-801-672x6
0.5A (0.5A) Reed Relay 70VDC/
2 168x6 40-558-201-168x6
252x6 40-558-201-252x6
4 168x6 40-558-401-168x6
252x6 40-558-401-252x6
336x6 40-558-401-336x6
420x6 40-558-401-420x6
504x6 40-558-401-504x6
8 168x6 40-558-801-168x6
252x6 40-558-801-252x6
336x6 40-558-801-336x6
420x6 40-558-801-420x6
504x6 40-558-801-504x6
588x6 40-558-801-588x6
672x6 40-558-801-672x6
756x6 40-558-801-756x6
840x6 40-558-801-840x6
924x6 40-558-801-924x6
1008x6 40-558-801-1008x6
12 168x6 40-558-121-168x6
252x6 40-558-121-252x6
336x6 40-558-121-336x6
420x6 40-558-121-420x6
504x6 40-558-121-504x6
588x6 40-558-121-588x6
672x6 40-558-121-672x6
756x6 40-558-121-756x6
840x6 40-558-121-840x6
924x6 40-558-121-924x6
1008x6 40-558-121-1008x6
1092x6 40-558-121-1092x6
1176x6 40-558-121-1176x6
1260x6 40-558-121-1260x6
1344x6 40-558-121-1344x6
1428x6 40-558-121-1428x6
1512x6 40-558-121-1512x6


Type Current - Switch (Carry) Switch Type Voltage PXI Slots Matrix Size Part No.
Single x8
Analog Bus
0.25A (0.25A) Solid State +/-40V 2 64x8 40-563A-221-64x8
96x8 40-563A-221-96x8
4 64x8 40-563A-021-64x8
96x8 40-563A-021-96x8
128x8 40-563A-021-128x8
160x8 40-563A-021-160x8
192x8 40-563A-021-192x8
8 64x8 40-563A-121-64x8
96x8 40-563A-121-96x8
128x8 40-563A-121-128x8
160x8 40-563A-121-160x8
192x8 40-563A-121-192x8
224x8 40-563A-121-224x8
256x8 40-563A-121-256x8
288x8 40-563A-121-288x8
320x8 40-563A-121-320x8
352x8 40-563A-121-352x8
384x8 40-563A-121-384x8
0.5A (0.5A) Reed Relay 150VDC
2 60x8 40-561A-221-60x8
90x8 40-561A-221-90x8
92x8 40-560A-221-92x8
138x8 40-560A-221-138x8
4 60x8 40-561A-021-60x8
90x8 40-561A-021-90x8
92x8 40-560A-021-92x8
120x8 40-561A-021-120x8
138x8 40-560A-021-138x8
150x8 40-561A-021-150x8
180x8 40-561A-021-180x8
184x8 40-560A-021-184x8
230x8 40-560A-021-230x8
276x8 40-560A-021-276x8
8 60x8 40-561A-121-60x8
90x8 40-561A-121-90x8
92x8 40-560A-121-92x8
120x8 40-561A-121-120x8
138x8 40-560A-121-138x8
150x8 40-561A-121-150x8
180x8 40-561A-121-180x8
184x8 40-560A-121-184x8
210x8 40-561A-121-210x8
230x8 40-560A-121-230x8
240x8 40-561A-121-240x8
270x8 40-561A-121-270x8
276x8 40-560A-121-276x8
300x8 40-561A-121-300x8
322x8 40-560A-121-322x8
330x8 40-561A-121-330x8
360x8 40-561A-121-360x8
368x8 40-560A-121-368x8
414x8 40-560A-121-414x8
460x8 40-560A-121-460x8
506x8 40-560A-121-506x8
552x8 40-560A-121-552x8
1.0A (1.2A) Reed Relay 150VDC
2 44x8 40-562B-221-44x8
66x8 40-562B-221-66x8
4 44x8 40-562B-021-44x8
66x8 40-562B-021-66x8
88x8 40-562B-021-88x8
110x8 40-562B-021-110x8
132x8 40-562B-021-132x8
8 44x8 40-562B-121-44x8
66x8 40-562B-121-66x8
88x8 40-562B-121-88x8
110x8 40-562B-121-110x8
132x8 40-562B-121-132x8
154x8 40-562B-121-154x8
176x8 40-562B-121-176x8
198x8 40-562B-121-198x8
220x8 40-562B-121-220x8
242x8 40-562B-121-242x8
264x8 40-562B-121-264x8
12 44x8 40-562B-321-44x8
66x8 40-562B-321-66x8
88x8 40-562B-321-88x8
110x8 40-562B-321-110x8
132x8 40-562B-321-132x8
154x8 40-562B-321-154x8
176x8 40-562B-321-176x8
198x8 40-562B-321-198x8
220x8 40-562B-321-220x8
242x8 40-562B-321-242x8
264x8 40-562B-321-264x8
286x8 40-562B-321-286x8
308x8 40-562B-321-308x8
330x8 40-562B-321-330x8
352x8 40-562B-321-352x8
374x8 40-562B-321-374x8
396x8 40-562B-321-396x8
Dual x8
Analog Bus
0.5A (0.5A) Reed Relay 150VDC
4 92x8 40-560A-021-92x8-M
138x8 40-560A-021-138x8-M
184x8 40-560A-021-184x8-M
230x8 40-560A-021-230x8-M
276x8 40-560A-021-276x8-M
8 92x8 40-560A-121-92x8-M
138x8 40-560A-121-138x8-M
184x8 40-560A-121-184x8-M
230x8 40-560A-121-230x8-M
276x8 40-560A-121-276x8-M
322x8 40-560A-121-322x8-M
368x8 40-560A-121-368x8-M
414x8 40-560A-121-414x8-M
460x8 40-560A-121-460x8-M
506x8 40-560A-121-506x8-M
552x8 40-560A-121-552x8-M
1.0A (1.2A) Reed Relay 70VDC/
2 128x8 40-559-201-128x8
4 128x8 40-559-401-128x8
192x8 40-559-401-192x8
256x8 40-559-401-256x8
8 128x8 40-559-801-128x8
192x8 40-559-801-192x8
256x8 40-559-801-256x8
320x8 40-559-801-320x8
384x8 40-559-801-384x8
448x8 40-559-801-448x8
512x8 40-559-801-512x8

0.5A (0.5A)

Reed Relay 70VDC/
2 128x8 40-558-201-128x8
192x8 40-558-201-192x8
4 128x8 40-558-401-128x8
192x8 40-558-401-192x8
256x8 40-558-401-256x8
320x8 40-558-401-320x8
384x8 40-558-401-384x8
8 128x8 40-558-801-128x8
192x8 40-558-801-192x8
256x8 40-558-801-256x8
320x8 40-558-801-320x8
384x8 40-558-801-384x8
448x8 40-558-801-448x8
512x8 40-558-801-512x8
576x8 40-558-801-576x8
640x8 40-558-801-640x8
704x8 40-558-801-704x8
768x8 40-558-801-768x8
12 128x8 40-558-121-128x8
192x8 40-558-121-192x8
256x8 40-558-121-256x8
320x8 40-558-121-320x8
384x8 40-558-121-384x8
448x8 40-558-121-448x8
512x8 40-558-121-512x8
576x8 40-558-121-576x8
640x8 40-558-121-640x8
704x8 40-558-121-704x8
768x8 40-558-121-768x8
832x8 40-558-121-832x8
896x8 40-558-121-896x8
960x8 40-558-121-960x8
1024x8 40-558-121-1024x8
1088x8 40-558-121-1088x8
1152x8 40-558-121-1152x8


Type Current - Switch (Carry) Switch Type Voltage PXI Slots Matrix Size Part No.
Single x12
Analog Bus
1.0A (1.2A) Reed Relay 70VDC/
2 84x12 40-559-201-84x12
4 84x12 40-559-401-84x12
126x12 40-559-401-126x12
168x12 40-559-401-168x12
8 84x12 40-559-801-84x12
126x12 40-559-801-126x12
168x12 40-559-801-168x12
210x12 40-559-801-210x12
252x12 40-559-801-252x12
294x12 40-559-801-294x12
336x12 40-559-801-336x12
0.5A (0.5A) Reed Relay 70VDC/
2 84x12 40-558-201-84x12
126x12 40-558-201-126x12
4 84x12 40-558-401-84x12
126x12 40-558-401-126x12
168x12 40-558-401-168x12
210x12 40-558-401-210x12
252x12 40-558-401-252x12
8 84x12 40-558-801-84x12
126x12 40-558-801-126x12
168x12 40-558-801-168x12
210x12 40-558-801-210x12
252x12 40-558-801-252x12
294x12 40-558-801-294x12
336x12 40-558-801-336x12
378x12 40-558-801-378x12
420x12 40-558-801-420x12
462x12 40-558-801-462x12
504x12 40-558-801-504x12
12 84x12 40-558-121-84x12
126x12 40-558-121-126x12
168x12 40-558-121-168x12
210x12 40-558-121-210x12
252x12 40-558-121-252x12
294x12 40-558-121-294x12
336x12 40-558-121-336x12
378x12 40-558-121-378x12
420x12 40-558-121-420x12
462x12 40-558-121-462x12
504x12 40-558-121-504x12
546x12 40-558-121-546x12
588x12 40-558-121-588x12
630x12 40-558-121-630x12
672x12 40-558-121-672x12
714x12 40-558-121-714x12
756x12 40-558-121-756x12


Type Current - Switch (Carry) Switch Type Voltage PXI Slots Matrix Size Part No.
Single x16
Analog Bus
0.5A (0.5A) Reed Relay 150VDC
2 30x16 40-561A-221-30x16
45x16 40-561A-221-45x16
46x16 40-560A-221-46x16
69x16 40-560A-221-69x16
4 30x16 40-561A-021-30x16
45x16 40-561A-021-45x16
46x16 40-560A-021-46x16
60x16 40-561A-021-60x16
69x16 40-560A-021-69x16
75x16 40-561A-021-75x16
90x16 40-561A-021-90x16
92x16 40-560A-021-92x16
115x16 40-560A-021-115x16
138x16 40-560A-021-138x16
8 30x16 40-561A-121-30x16
45x16 40-561A-121-45x16
46x16 40-560A-121-46x16
60x16 40-561A-121-60x16
69x16 40-560A-121-69x16
75x16 40-561A-121-75x16
90x16 40-561A-121-90x16
92x16 40-560A-121-92x16
105x16 40-561A-121-105x16
115x16 40-560A-121-115x16
120x16 40-561A-121-120x16
135x16 40-561A-121-135x16
138x16 40-560A-121-138x16
150x16 40-561A-121-150x16
161x16 40-560A-121-161x16
165x16 40-561A-121-165x16
180x16 40-561A-121-180x16
184x16 40-560A-121-184x16
207x16 40-560A-121-207x16
230x16 40-560A-121-230x16
253x16 40-560A-121-253x16
276x16 40-560A-121-276x16
1.0A (1.2A) Reed Relay 150VDC
2 22x16 40-562B-221-22x16
33x16 40-562B-221-33x16
4 22x16 40-562B-021-22x16
33x16 40-562B-021-33x16
44x16 40-562B-021-44x16
55x16 40-562B-021-55x16
66x16 40-562B-021-66x16
8 22x16 40-562B-121-22x16
33x16 40-562B-121-33x16
44x16 40-562B-121-44x16
55x16 40-562B-121-55x16
66x16 40-562B-121-66x16
77x16 40-562B-121-77x16
88x16 40-562B-121-88x16
99x16 40-562B-121-99x16
110x16 40-562B-121-110x16
121x16 40-562B-121-121x16
132x16 40-562B-121-132x16
12 22x16 40-562B-321-22x16
33x16 40-562B-321-33x16
44x16 40-562B-321-44x16
55x16 40-562B-321-55x16
66x16 40-562B-321-66x16
77x16 40-562B-321-77x16
88x16 40-562B-321-88x16
99x16 40-562B-321-99x16
110x16 40-562B-321-110x16
121x16 40-562B-321-121x16
132x16 40-562B-321-132x16
143x16 40-562B-321-143x16
154x16 40-562B-321-154x16
165x16 40-562B-321-165x16
176x16 40-562B-321-176x16
187x16 40-562B-321-187x16
198x16 40-562B-321-198x16
1.0A (1.2A) Reed Relay 70VDC
2 64x16 40-559-201-64x16
4 64x16 40-559-401-64x16
96x16 40-559-401-96x16
128x16 40-559-401-128x16
8 64x16 40-559-801-64x16
96x16 40-559-801-96x16
128x16 40-559-801-128x16
160x16 40-559-801-160x16
192x16 40-559-801-192x16
224x16 40-559-801-224x16
256x16 40-559-801-256x16
0.5A (0.5A) Reed Relay 70VDC
2 64x16 40-558-201-64x16
96x16 40-558-201-96x16
4 64x16 40-558-401-64x16
96x16 40-558-401-96x16
128x16 40-558-401-128x16
160x16 40-558-401-160x16
192x16 40-558-401-192x16
8 64x16 40-558-801-64x16
96x16 40-558-801-96x16
128x16 40-558-801-128x16
160x16 40-558-801-160x16
192x16 40-558-801-192x16
224x16 40-558-801-224x16
256x16 40-558-801-256x16
288x16 40-558-801-288x16
320x16 40-558-801-320x16
352x16 40-558-801-352x16
384x16 40-558-801-384x16
12 64x16 40-558-121-64x16
96x16 40-558-121-96x16
128x16 40-558-121-128x16
160x16 40-558-121-160x16
192x16 40-558-121-192x16
224x16 40-558-121-224x16
256x16 40-558-121-256x16
288x16 40-558-121-288x16
320x16 40-558-121-320x16
352x16 40-558-121-352x16
384x16 40-558-121-384x16
416x16 40-558-121-416x16
448x16 40-558-121-448x16
480x16 40-558-121-480x16
512x16 40-558-121-512x16
544x16 40-558-121-544x16
576x16 40-558-121-576x16


Type Current - Switch (Carry) Switch Type Voltage PXI Slots Matrix Size Part No.
Single x32
Analog Bus
1.0A (1.2A) Reed Relay 150VDC
2 10x32 40-562B-221-10x32
15x32 40-562B-221-15x32
4 10x32 40-562B-021-10x32
15x32 40-562B-021-15x32
20x32 40-562B-021-20x32
25x32 40-562B-021-25x32
30x32 40-562B-021-30x32
8 10x32 40-562B-121-10x32
15x32 40-562B-121-15x32
20x32 40-562B-121-20x32
25x32 40-562B-121-25x32
30x32 40-562B-121-30x32
35x32 40-562B-121-35x32
40x32 40-562B-121-40x32
45x32 40-562B-121-45x32
50x32 40-562B-121-50x32
55x32 40-562B-121-55x32
60x32 40-562B-121-60x32
12 10x32 40-562B-321-10x32
15x32 40-562B-321-15x32
20x32 40-562B-321-20x32
25x32 40-562B-321-25x32
30x32 40-562B-321-30x32
35x32 40-562B-321-35x32
40x32 40-562B-321-40x32
45x32 40-562B-321-45x32
50x32 40-562B-321-50x32
55x32 40-562B-321-55x32
60x32 40-562B-321-60x32
65x32 40-562B-321-65x32
70x32 40-562B-321-70x32
75x32 40-562B-321-75x32
80x32 40-562B-321-80x32
85x32 40-562B-321-85x32
90x32 40-562B-321-90x32


Type Current - Switch (Carry) Switch Type Voltage PXI Slots Matrix Size Part No.
Single x4
Analog Bus
1.0A (1.2A) Reed Relay 150VDC
2 88x4 40-562B-222-88x4
132x4 40-562B-222-132x4
4 88x4 40-562B-022-88x4
132x4 40-562B-022-132x4
176x4 40-562B-022-176x4
220x4 40-562B-022-220x4
264x4 40-562B-022-264x4
8 88x4 40-562B-122-88x4
132x4 40-562B-122-132x4
176x4 40-562B-122-176x4
220x4 40-562B-122-220x4
264x4 40-562B-122-264x4
308x4 40-562B-122-308x4
352x4 40-562B-122-352x4
396x4 40-562B-122-396x4
440x4 40-562B-122-440x4
484x4 40-562B-122-484x4
528x4 40-562B-122-528x4
12 88x4 40-562B-322-88x4
132x4 40-562B-322-132x4
176x4 40-562B-322-176x4
220x4 40-562B-322-220x4
264x4 40-562B-322-264x4
308x4 40-562B-322-308x4
352x4 40-562B-322-352x4
396x4 40-562B-322-396x4
440x4 40-562B-322-440x4
484x4 40-562B-322-484x4
528x4 40-562B-322-528x4
572x4 40-562B-322-572x4
616x4 40-562B-322-616x4
660x4 40-562B-322-660x4
704x4 40-562B-322-704x4
748x4 40-562B-322-748x4
792x4 40-562B-322-792x4
Single x8
Analog Bus
0.5A (0.5A) Reed Relay 150VDC
2 60x8 40-561A-222-60x8
90x8 40-561A-222-90x8
4 60x8 40-561A-022-60x8
90x8 40-561A-022-90x8
120x8 40-561A-022-120x8
150x8 40-561A-022-150x8
180x8 40-561A-022-180x8
8 60x8 40-561A-122-60x8
90x8 40-561A-122-90x8
120x8 40-561A-122-120x8
150x8 40-561A-122-150x8
180x8 40-561A-122-180x8
210x8 40-561A-122-210x8
240x8 40-561A-122-240x8
270x8 40-561A-122-270x8
300x8 40-561A-122-300x8
330x8 40-561A-122-330x8
360x8 40-561A-122-360x8
1.0A (1.2A) Reed Relay 150VDC
2 44x8 40-562B-222-44x8
66x8 40-562B-222-66x8
4 44x8 40-562B-022-44x8
66x8 40-562B-022-66x8
88x8 40-562B-022-88x8
110x8 40-562B-022-110x8
132x8 40-562B-022-132x8
8 44x8 40-562B-122-44x8
66x8 40-562B-122-66x8
88x8 40-562B-122-88x8
110x8 40-562B-122-110x8
132x8 40-562B-122-132x8
154x8 40-562B-122-154x8
176x8 40-562B-122-176x8
198x8 40-562B-122-198x8
220x8 40-562B-122-220x8
242x8 40-562B-122-242x8
264x8 40-562B-122-264x8
12 44x8 40-562B-322-44x8
66x8 40-562B-322-66x8
88x8 40-562B-322-88x8
110x8 40-562B-322-110x8
132x8 40-562B-322-132x8
154x8 40-562B-322-154x8
176x8 40-562B-322-176x8
198x8 40-562B-322-198x8
220x8 40-562B-322-220x8
242x8 40-562B-322-242x8
264x8 40-562B-322-264x8
286x8 40-562B-322-286x8
308x8 40-562B-322-308x8
330x8 40-562B-322-330x8
352x8 40-562B-322-352x8
374x8 40-562B-322-374x8
396x8 40-562B-322-396x8
Single x16
Analog Bus
0.5A (0.5A) Reed Relay 150VDC
2 30x16 40-561A-222-30x16
45x16 40-561A-222-45x16
4 30x16 40-561A-022-30x16
45x16 40-561A-022-45x16
60x16 40-561A-022-60x16
75x16 40-561A-022-75x16
90x16 40-561A-022-90x16
8 30x16 40-561A-122-30x16
45x16 40-561A-122-45x16
60x16 40-561A-122-60x16
75x16 40-561A-122-75x16
90x16 40-561A-122-90x16
105x16 40-561A-122-105x16
120x16 40-561A-122-120x16
135x16 40-561A-122-135x16
150x16 40-561A-122-150x16
165x16 40-561A-122-165x16
180x16 40-561A-122-180x16
1.0A (1.2A) Reed Relay 150VDC
2 22x16 40-562B-222-22x16
33x16 40-562B-222-33x16
4 22x16 40-562B-022-22x16
33x16 40-562B-022-33x16
44x16 40-562B-022-44x16
55x16 40-562B-022-55x16
66x16 40-562B-022-66x16
8 22x16 40-562B-122-22x16
33x16 40-562B-122-33x16
44x16 40-562B-122-44x16
55x16 40-562B-122-55x16
66x16 40-562B-122-66x16
77x16 40-562B-122-77x16
88x16 40-562B-122-88x16
99x16 40-562B-122-99x16
110x16 40-562B-122-110x16
121x16 40-562B-122-121x16
132x16 40-562B-122-132x16
12 22x16 40-562B-122-22x16
33x16 40-562B-122-33x16
44x16 40-562B-122-44x16
55x16 40-562B-122-55x16
66x16 40-562B-122-66x16
77x16 40-562B-122-77x16
88x16 40-562B-122-88x16
99x16 40-562B-122-99x16
110x16 40-562B-122-110x16
121x16 40-562B-122-121x16
132x16 40-562B-122-132x16
143x16 40-562B-122-143x16
154x16 40-562B-122-154x16
165x16 40-562B-122-165x16
176x16 40-562B-122-176x16
187x16 40-562B-122-187x16
198x16 40-562B-122-198x16
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