Differential & Telecoms PXI Switching ModulesDifferential & Telecoms PXI Switching

  • Differential MUX for Switching Serial Data Communications Signals such as USB and Ethernet
  • Designed for Switching Signals Carried on Differential Pairs
  • Kernel, VISA and IVI Support For PXI Environments & Kernel and IVI Support For LXI Environments
  • Select modules are supported by our eBIRST Switching System Test Tools, these tools provide a quick and simple way of finding relay failures within LXI, PCI and PXI switch systems.

Ideal for switching signals carried as differential signals where a controlled differential impedance is required

Our Differential PXI switches are designed to switch signals carrying serial interfaces such as RS232, USB, Ethernet and CAN Bus. The range includes multiplexers and fault insertion switches. The 40-736 multiplexer is capable of switching Gigabit Ethernet. The 40-201 is capable of performing fault insertion on differential signals up to Gigabit Ethernet speeds.

The Tributary switches are designed for SONET/SDH multiplexer applications at 2MBit/sec or 1.5MBit/s data rates in 75Ω or 120Ω differential systems. They are available with either 8 or 16 tributary channels and incorporate switches that allow data to be fed sequentially through selected tributaries, and multiplexers enable test equipment to break into selected channels.

3-year standard warranty

We can also design and supply interface adapters for differential switches to connect to application specific connectors. We stand behind our products with a three-year warranty.

The tables below will help you to choose the appropriate module for your application.

Impedance Bandwidth Switch Type Configuration Banks Connector PXI
Part No.
120Ω 50MHz
EMR 4 Channel Differential Fault Insertion Switch 1 78W D-Type 1 40-200-004
8 Channel Differential Fault Insertion Switch 40-200-008
100Ω >400MHz Differential 4 Channel Differential Fault Insertion Switch 40-201-004
8 Channel Differential Fault Insertion Switch 40-201-008
Configurable 32 Channel MUX,
Dual 16 Channel MUX or Quad 8 Channel MUX
1, 2 or 4 40-736-001
90Ω >200MHz Differential Reed
36 Channel MUX 1 96W SCSI 40-735-912
18 Channel MUX 40-735-902
Dual 18 Channel MUX 2 40-735-912-S1
10 Channel MUX 1 XLR 40-735-902-S2
18 Channel MUX BNC 40-735-902-S3
36 Channel MUX SMB 40-735-912-S4
78Ω 450MHz Differential EMR 16 Channel Differential MUX 78W D-Type 40-739-001
2 40-739-002
8 Channel Differential MUX 1 40-739-003
2 40-739-004
4 Channel Differential MUX 1 40-739-005
2 40-739-006

Type Current Switch Type Max Frequency  Configuration Connector PXI Slots Part No.
75Ω 1.0 Amp EMR 100MHz 8 Tributary
Daisy-Chain Switch
96W SCSI 1 40-792-701
16 Tributary
Daisy-Chain Switch
100/120Ω 10MHz 8 Tributary
Daisy-Chain Switch
1 40-795-001
16 Tributary
Daisy-Chain Switch
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