Switching in Four Steps using Switch Path Manager Signal Routing Software

    Programming your switch modules using switch path managerWhen programming one of our switch modules as part of an automated test system, the software driver is typically applied within an Application Programming Interface (API) such as LabVIEW®, C or .NET. Simple CLOSE and OPEN commands operate the specific relays required to set a signal path between, for example, a Digital Multimeter (DMM) and the Device Under Test (DUT). 

    Selecting the correct relays to operate, however, requires a detailed understanding of the switch modules and the test system interconnections. Care must also be taken to avoid unintended short-circuits, and the switch programming becomes increasingly complicated as the system complexity rises. 

    Our signal routing software, Switch Path Manager (SPM), takes a different approach. SPM replaces any complexity of Pickering switching system with a “Virtual Switch Box”, as illustrated below. Simply specifying the DMM and DUT points to be connected (e.g., Connect (DMM+, R3a) is all that is then needed to achieve the required signal routes, with no chance of any accidental short-circuits.

    Pickering Interfaces' signal routing software - Switch Path Manager

    Four Steps:

    Consider the following switching system example of two interconnected Pickering switch modules:

    Switching system example of two interconnected Pickering switch modules

    Step 1

    List the switch modules required.

    Step 1 of simple signal routing using Switch Path manager

    Step 2

    Detail the module interconnections

    Step 2 to Simple Signal Routing using Switch Path Manager

    Step 3

    Define the required signal endpoints

    Step 4 to Simple Signal Routing using Switch Path Manager

    Step 4

    Connect and Disconnect the Signal Endpoints as required. 

    For example, to connect Endpoints A, B and C together would simply require the following commands: 

    C Function: SPM_Switch_ConnectEndpointsCsv (“A”, “B, C”); 

    LabVIEW VI Switch Path Manager LabView

    The result is as follows:

    Results of the four steps to Simple Signal Routing using Switch Path Manager

    One simple SMP statement controls four relays automatically with no software driver or detailed switch module knowledge required.

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