Sensor Simulation Technical Articles

    As a test engineer, does your test strategy require simulating environmental sensors—this includes temperature, pressure, altitude, and strain gauges? The following articles will help you to understand more about our different simulation solutions.

    Programmable resistor modules are designed to simulate the use of resistive sensors in variable resistors in systems when testing devices such as engine controller. Find out more about the technical background to Pickering's Resistor Modules below or take a look here for additional resources.

    On-demand  Technical Webinar:
    The Importance of Using Programmable Resistors for Sensor Simulation in Test
    This webinar will help you to understand programmable resistors, their construction, why they are needed, resistor selection and look at some applications where sensor simulation is an integral part of the adopted test strategies to improve repeatability, reduce test times, and ultimately lower the cost of test.

    Importance of Thermoelectric EMF in resistor simulator Thermoelectric EMF can cause errors in the simulation of resistors, particularly when the measuring system uses low voltages. This page describes the effects of Thermoelectric EMF's on these measurements. Pickering Interfaces Precision Resistor family minimizes errors form these sources by ensuring the switch design has low thermoelectric EMF

    Selecting a Resistor Module Get a better understanding on how to choose a Pickering Interfaces Resistor module using this guide to the compromise between performance, range and cost

    Transient behaviour of resistor chains Get a better understanding on how the resistance of a binary resistor chain changes with time as the setting is changed

    Current or power handling increases  If you need to increase the power or current rating of a resistor module try using the tips on this page 

    Platinum temperature sensors Resistor modules can be used to simulate temperature dependent resistors, here is some useful information on Platinum Temperature Sensors 

    Strain Gauges Strain Gauges can be difficult sensors to simulate, but our strain gauge modules (model 40-265) offers a simple and elegant solution - learn more here

    Accuracy of Resistor Modules  Find out what the determines the accuracy of a resistor module is and what the data sheet is trying to show 

    Temperature Stability of Resistor Modules   Provides information on the factors contributing to the temperature stability of resistor modules

    Understanding the common mode voltage on RTD Simulator  An explanation of why our RTD Simulator (model 40-262) includes a feature to set a common mode voltage 

    Potentiometer Simulation  Need to emulate a potentiometer, look at this page first and see your options 

    Extending the resistance range of a Precision Resistor Module 
    Need more resistance range form a resistor module but still need fine resolution. Here is how you can do it

    Resistance Measurement with a DMM  How to measure resistance with a DMM

    Configuring Pickering's PXI LVDT/RVDT/Resolver Simulator  How to configure our LVDT, RVDT, Resolver Simulator module                

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